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It's always a secret and that secret is the "Mix". The specially crafted blend that creates the
tongue-seducing flavor we can enjoy from the perfect ratio of our spice formulations. Years of thought process in choosing the perfect spices for each formulation is the key. During the course of time my passion for grilling/BBQ is enjoyed by my family and friends that made an impression of my recipes. This is the greatest encouragement that put me in action and fired up the thought process. A perfect blend is always the talk of Grill Masters, Pit Masters & Chefs across the globe. It's such a personal experience to engage in years of research, studies for perfection to create each one of our unique and exclusive blends.
It's always a great privilege and honor to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy........     Al

Spice Storage:

We highly recommend to store our Dry Rubs right around 70° F which is fairly an ideal storage temperature level. Also, for optimum flavor and shelf life, you may store it away from direct sunlight or direct heat.

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We are glad to offer Grill Master service in Atlanta area for Exclusive Private Events. Reservations Required.

For Product Inquires, Bulk Pricing or Grill Master service, please e-mail us at orders@spiceusa.net

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Cooking Tips

To enjoy the full bodied flavor of our exotic secret spice formulation, we highly recommend you to AVOID brushing the meat, poultry or seafood with any sauces during meat prep, while cooking or serving. In case, if you cannot avoid your choice of sauces, we suggest that you may do so only as a side dip.